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Fat Freddies Drop. January 14th 2017. 

We're looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday! The schedule is below. You're more than welcome to bring a chilly bin with food and sealed bottles of water. 
A wide range of food, soft drinks, beer, and of course wine can be purchased on-site. 

4.30pm Gates Open
6.20pm Team Dynamite
7.25pm Ladi6
8.45pm Fat Freddy's Drop

Few venues can boast settings as unique as those of Villa Maria’s Auckland winery.
Located inside the crater of a 20,000 year old extinct volcano, the Auckland winery sits nestled among rows of vines, and lies close to the magnificent Manukau Harbour. The shape of the land itself provides a natural amphitheatre for concerts and events.

Situated only five minutes from Auckland International Airport, yet at the same time only 25 minutes from Auckland’s CBD, it is the perfect location for staging the already renowned “Villa Maria Summer Concert Series”.

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